A Lifestyle of Generosity

The Village Christian Church in Minooka, Illinois is committed to generosity and serving others locally, regionally, and globally. Golf outings will invest a minimum of $1000 every month in the Minooka and Channahon communities.

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The Village is a church that is committed to generosity and serving locally, regionally, globally.

Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share. – 1 Timothy 6:18

In addition to serving, a minimum financial investment is made in our local community of $1,000 a month. Often that amount is much more. Each year we organize a golf outing to raise those funds. But not everyone golfs, and those who do are mostly adults. This year, a Family Putt Putt For Charity has been added to the mix.

The family fun will be July 13, 2019. The cost is low at $10 so everyone can participate and have fun.

Getting The Kids Involved In Generosity

The Family Putt Putt For Charity provides an opportunity to share with our kids about the local things they can be a part of in helping out and serving. It provides a talking point about having a lifestyle of serving and the importance of helping others.

My kids grew up delivering Thanksgiving and Christmas food boxes, serving at the mobile food pantries during the summer, passing out free oil change coupons to single moms, storing food in our basement that would be packed for kids in need at school, and sorting clothes to give away to those in need each year.

Their eyes were opened to the true needs just around the corner and every year and in every season, they knew where to look to serve.

Wouldn’t it be great if all our kids could know where to look and how to serve?  That’s probably one of our biggest jobs are parents. Helping our kids learn to serve.  Don’t miss the why!

No one will care who won the family putt putt or regular golf tournaments in July 2019 (side note…my team won the golf outing in 2018😊), but your kids and my kids learning a lifestyle of service, that will be something that really matters.

Bring your kids and be a part of a life changing experience of service this July!

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