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My First Experience With Jesus

Do you remember your first experience with Jesus? I didn’t grow up in the church. My best friend and his family invited me to go with them one Sunday morning when I was in 5th grade. I’ve hardly missed a Sunday since. The church loved me well. Not only did it teach me, but showed me what it looked like to live in a way that trusts Jesus. That small church was so impactful that several kids who walked through the doors would later dedicate their lives to helping others experience the love of Jesus.

Not everyone has that same experience. Some kids don’t have the friend who invited them. Others don’t have a loving church nearby.

The Excitement Is Building

That’s why I’m so excited to bring a campus of The Village Christian Church to Coal City. Everyone should have the same chance to experience the life-changing power of Jesus through a local church body.

Right now, there are no non-denominational churches in Coal City. So people either aren’t connected or have a long drive to find that church connection. Adding a campus to Coal City will make it easier for people to connect to a church and invite their friends to a place nearby.

The mission behind The Village Christian Church is to help people experience Jesus in life change, life growth, and life purpose. I’m beyond grateful that my local church growing up helped me to experience Jesus. I want the same for each person in Coal City.

Life is hard, and people shouldn’t have to do it on their own, or think God doesn’t care about them. The Village is coming to show people that God loves them.

Coal City Campus = Lives Changed

Whether a 5th-grade boy or a 50-year-old woman, my desire for our new church campus is that people who have no church connection would come and find God is real, and He loves them. That reality forever changed my life so many years ago. I’d love to see that story replayed over and over in the lives of others.

Many faithful believers have been praying for a place for their friends and family to meet Jesus in a church nearby. Others having a tough go at life are praying for relief. That if there is a God, He would do something to make Himself known. It is my hope The Village Christian Church at Coal City would be an answer to those prayers and that lives would be forever changed.

Check out information on the new Coal City Campus and get updates here.

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