Leadership Team Biographies

Leadership Team at The Village Christian Church in Minooka, IL

Pictured back row left to right: Dan Studer, Heather Houck, Nate Ferguson, Diana Carter, Brian Kaplan; Front row left to right: Erica Sandeno, Greg Adams and Tim Norman. Not pictured: Gerald Snyder, Sarah O’Sullivan

Greg Adams
Term Expires June 2021

Greg and his wife, Tracey have been attending The Village since 2015. They have a son and daughter and live in Channahon. Greg has been a part of Lifegroups, served in Kid Village security and has helped with Meal Trains. He is a Project Engineer at Flint Hills Resources. Greg’s goal is to maximize his talent and technology to spread the good news of Jesus.

Diana Carter
Term expires June 2023

Diana and her husband, Sean, have been attending The Village since 2019. They have a son and daughter and live in Minooka. Diana is a Clinical Counselor, working part time in Morris. She is currently involved a Lifegroup and would love for others to experience the life change that can happen when in community with other believers. She has a passion for other women and in particular, mothers of young children, with previous ministry experience in those areas.

Nate Ferguson
Term Expires N/A

Nate is Lead Pastor at The Village. You can check out his bio here.

Heather Houck
Term expires June 2021

Heather and her husband, Jason, have been attending The Village from the beginning in 2004. She serves in Kid Village and leads the Emergency Response Team helping to keep our church safe and healthy. Heather and Jason have 2 kids and live in Morris. She is a cardiology and critical care nurse. During her time on the leadership team, Heather hopes to strengthen our community through stronger families by expanding our ministry with married couples and young parents.

Brian Kaplan
Term expires June 2023

Brian and his wife Kathie have been attending The Village since 2018. They have 3 children ranging in ages from 10 to 17 and live in Minooka. He regularly attends the Saturday men’s group, has served at mobile food pantries and co-leads a men’s Lifegroup.  Brian works for IBM as a cybersecurity consultant.  During his term on the Leadership Team, he wants to contribute to the mission of meeting people wherever they are spiritually and inspiring them to continue to grow in their faith.

Tim Norman
Term expires June 2023

Tim and his wife Cassi have been attending The Village since 2016 and live in Channahon. They have two daughters and a son.  Tim works as an Equipment Operator for Exelon. Tim and Cassi lead a Lifegroup and Tim also serves as a leader in Pulse Student Ministries. He has experienced life-changing growth in his relationship with Christ through the relationships and biblical approach at The Village. His goal on the Leadership Team is to be available to engage in meaningful relationships with others and walk alongside them as they grow in their relationship with Christ.

Sarah O’Sullivan
Term Expires N/A

Sarah is Executive Pastor at The Village. You can check out her bio here.

Erica Sandeno
Term expires June 2021

Erica Sandeno, her husband, Joel, have been attending The Village since 2010. Joel and Erica own and operate a business in Mazon, Agri-Tile, and live in Dwight with their 3 kids.  Erica served in Kid Village, and currently is serving in Pulse Jr. Erica is also involved in a Lifegroup in Morris. Her goal in leadership is to help the church grow and reach as many people in the surrounding communities as possible. She has a heart for women’s ministry and would like to see The Village grow in that area, as well as continuing to invest in the youth, who are the future of our “Village”.

Gerald Snyder
Term expires June 2021

Jerry, his wife Amy, and three boys have been attending The Village since 2015. He works for the Army Corps of Engineers. Jerry is a key leader for Pulse Student Ministries. He and his wife are in a Lifegroup and  really look forward to helping The Village change lives, grow in the surrounding community, and give people the understanding of God’s purpose.

Dan Studer
Term expires June 2022

Dan and his wife, Brennan, have been attending The Village since 2016. They have a son and daughter and live in Shorewood. Dan has served in Kid Village security and has helped with other Thursday night meals as well as other Church functions. Dan and Brennan have been a part of small groups in Texas and now at the Village. He has been in the Waste Management industry for 17 years. Dan’s goal is to help others like himself with change, growth and purpose.