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Have you ever thought about how you can help connect people to God through His love? To learn more about being God’s conduit, read my story.

New Kid On The Block

Remember those feelings of starting a new job and not knowing anyone or even what is expected of you? How about moving into a new house, in a new neighborhood, and a new city, and not knowing anyone? A level of fear and anxiety comes over you and you begin to question your decision.

My wife and I recently did the latter. Adding even more stress to the situation, we moved to a rural area where everyone knows everyone and everything that is going on. So we worried about fitting in and most of all making new friends.

One of the things that made the move a lot easier and helped us to know we made the right choice was within the first few days of moving in, our neighbors reached out to us. They welcomed us into the neighborhood, but what made it even more genuine was their willingness to help. I needed some help with a couple heavy projects, and one of my neighbors dropped everything and was right there to assist me.  

Helping Your Neighbors

Imagine now how someone feels when they walk into a church for the first time. Maybe it’s not a new church, but it’s the first time they have even stepped into a church. Whatever the reason, they have made that choice and decided to check out this thing called Christianity and find out more about this God who sits in heaven with a big beard and sandals, and walks on the clouds. Are you ready for that? Are you willing to go that extra mile and not just say “hello” but invite them to sit with you and your family? Remember what made it real when moving to a new neighborhood? It wasn’t just the welcome, but the help.  

We are called to love everyone. Not those who fit our mold, dress the way we like or even have the same political views. Everyone! Are you a conduit of God’s love? Does it pour out of you? Can you receive His love? Are you willing to let go of your past and allow a loving God to do just that, love you?

Take Away:  We are God’s hands, feet, and mouth. We are called to love others, not just with words but also with deeds. God loves everyone, it’s up to us to accept His love.

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