The Long Lonely Road


Posted: January 13, 2016 by

This month in church we started a new series on the Prodigal Son. It’s the concept that we all can make a return, in this case a return to God. I don’t doubt for an instant that we have all struggled at times with our faith and our walk with Christ. I have often questioned my faith, especially when faced with the realization that the lifestyle I was choosing to live did not coincide with God’s plan for it. When surrounded by filth for a long period of time it is hard to recognize the stench and move away from it.

What I find fascinating in this story is the concept of the journey. The story describes the youngest son recognizing that life as a servant to his father is better than living with pigs and filth. So he gets up and travels back to his home. The story points out that the father was looking for him and saw him off in the distance, and being filled with compassion ran to his son.

This journey must have been hard. Broke, and broken, traveling back to an uncertain future. Would his father take him in? What would he do if he was turned away? I messed up really bad. I am worthless. I am hopeless. There is no way that my father could ever love me. I’m no son. I’m no daughter. I’m nobody. The list of what we allow Satan to convince ourselves on our journey is endless.

The story says the father was looking for him. That is such a key concept that offers us hope as we near the end of our journey. The idea that someone is looking for you, or for me. In our darkest moments, we find hope and joy in what could be considered a simple thing. I am needed? Surely you have me confused with someone else. I am worthless, or am I?

But if we stop there, we miss something else entirely. We miss the point of this blog entry. The story says that the father saw him a great distance away. Think about that. Look at the picture. Think about how far you can see if you look down the road. We are cursed with human eyes, and limited vision. We can only see so far.
But what about our God? How far can he see? More importantly, where on the road did God join us in our turn back towards him?

You see God has been, is, and always will be right there waiting, longing, pining for you and me to simply turn around. God sees us so far down that road. He sees us in our darkest, filthiest, pig sty, and he is right there when we make the decision to turn back to him. There is no boot camp, there is no obstacle course. We don’t need to prove without a shadow of a doubt that we are sorry. We accept His grace, redeemed through a renewed salvation, and we start a new walk, not alone, but together in purpose with our creator.

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