Past Discussion Guides

Jesus Heals a Paralyzed Man Study Guide
Jesus Eats with Sinners  Study Guide
Working on the Sabbath Study Guide
Jesus Teaches About Anger Study Guide
Jesus Teaches About Loving Enemies Study Guide
Jesus Teaches About Fruit in People’s Lives Study Guide
A Roman Officer Demonstrates Faith Study Guide
Rest For the Soul Study Guide
A Sinful Woman Annoints Jesus’ Feet Study Guide
Religious Leaders Ask Jesus For a Miracle Study Guide
Jesus Sends Demons into a Herd of Pigs Study Guide
Healing One, Restoring Life to Another Study Guide
Jesus Rejected in Nazareth Study Guide
Jesus Prepares the Disciples for Persecution Study Guide

Week 1/Heaven and Earth Group Instructions / Video / Study Guide
Week 2/Holiness Group Instructions / Video / Study Guide
Week 3/The Covenants Group Instructions / Video / Study Guide
Week 4/The Holy Spirit Group Instructions / Video / Study Guide
Week 5/The Messiah Group Instructions / Video / Study Guide
Week 6/The Public Reading of Scripture Group Instructions / Video / Study Guide
Week 7/Day of the Lord Group Instructions / Video / Study Guide
Week 8/What is the Bible Group Instructions / Video / Study Guide
Week 9/Story of the Bible Group Instructions / Video / Study Guide
Week 10/The Bible as Jewish Meditation Scripture Group Instructions / Video / Study Guide

Week 1/Jesus Feeds 5,000 Download
Week 2/A Call to Generous Giving Download
Week 3/The Woman at the Well Download
Week 4/Nicodemus Visits Jesus at Night  Download
Week 5/John the Baptist and JesuDownload
Week 6/The Healing at the Pool Download
Week 7/The Beatitudes Download
Week 8/Love Your Enemies Download

Week 1/Daniel and the Lions Den Download
Week 2/Psalm 51 Download
Week 3/Cain and Abel Download
Week 4/King Jehosaphat Download
Week 5/Timing, Saul’s Kingdom Download
Week 6/Sampson Download
Week 7/Jonah Download
Week 8/God vs. Baal Download
Week 9/David and Goliath Download
Week 10/Jacob and Esau Download
Week 11/Sodom and Gomorrah Download
Week 12/Joseph Imprisoned Download
Week 13/The Fall of Jericho Download

Read the stories from Jesus, the Parables, and learn what He has to say to you from the Bible.Week 1/Jesus Scattering Seed  Download
Week 2/The Pharisee and the Tax Collector Download
Week 3/The Wheat and the Tares Download
Week 4/The Talents Download
Week 5/The Shrewd Manager Download
Week 6/The Great Feast Download
Week 7/The Evil Farmers Download
Week 8/The Lamp Download
Week 9/The Ten Bridesmaids Download 
Week 10/The Rich Man and Lazarus  Download
Week 11/The Unforgiving Debtor  Download  
Week 12/The Vineyard Workers  Download
Week 13/The Friend at Midnight  Download
Week 14/The Sheep and the Goats Download

at the Movies starts August 13th at The Village Christian Church in MInooka! See how some of your favorite movies are relatable to the Bible.


The Incredibles / Family Mission: Download


Based on the story of the Good Samaritan this series is all about getting off your donkey to serve.Week 1 / Be A Good Neighbor: Download
Week 2 / Orphans Embraced: Download
Week 3 / Ms. Pearl: Download
Week 4 / Empowering the Poor: Download
Week 5 / Heart with Mark Weigt: Download
Week 5 / Loving The Lonely: Download


Explore the Old Testament of the Bible to find out where is JesusWeek 1 / In Our Disappointments: Download
Week 2 / Worried About Our Future: Download
Week 3 /  In Our Doubts: Download
Week 4 / When We Face Opposition: Download
Week 5 / When It’s Time To Take A Stand: Download
Week 6 /When The Time Is Right: Download


Have you ever tried to start a fire using a magnifying glass? You can do it because the sun’s rays are focused. We can focus our energy and time in the same powerful way to do things that matter, things that change lives. This series will drill down on how to do it!

Week 1 / The Individual : Download
Week 2 / The Church: Download
Week 3 / Mentoring: Download
Week 4/ Mother’s Day:

Ever wonder how to get to heaven? It’s called Grace. He’s covered your sins. It’s done.

Palm Sunday / Going The Distance: Download

New Series at The Village Christian Church in MInooka

Focusing in on the Bible with our Pastors, Nate, Jared, Nick, and Nate’s wife, Rachelle, teaching about their favorite Bible verses.

Week 1 / Peace Is Possible: Download
Week 2 / Take A Stand: Download
Week 3 / Christ-Like Humility: Download
Week 4 / Walking With The Spirit: Download

The Village Christian Church #lovedoes series

Love…that’s a word that just makes you smile, but it’s more than a feeling. This series is all about taking action and how it can impact all of your relationships.

Week 1 / Love Speaks: Download
Week 2 / Love Moves: Download
Week 3 / Love Embraces: Download
Week 4 / Love Takes Time: Download
Week 5 / Love Serves: Download

It’s our responsibility to carry out the great commission.

Week 1 / My Faith: Download
Week 2 / My Friend: Download
Week 3 / My Heart: Download
Week 4 / My Baptism: Download

The Christmas season is a special time of year. Take the Sunday message deeper with these discussion guides.

Week 1 / Lift Your Hands: Download
Week 2 / Pour Out Your Heart: Download
Week 3 / Bow On Your Knees: Download



Do you want to be able to get out of debt and give generously with excitement rather than guilt? This life changing series gives you the tools to make that happen and show you how to achieve financial freedom!

There will not be online discussion guides for this series. Groups will be using the ABC’s Study Guide workbook for discussions.

Who Is Jesus?Get to know the real Jesus and build a foundation for a deeper, lasting relationship with Him.

Week 1 / Jesus Is Hope:
Week 2 / Jesus Is Love:
Week 3 / Jesus Is Storm Chaser:
Week 4 / Jesus Is Healer:
Week 5 / Jesus Is Truth:
Week 6 / Jesus Is A Party Animal:

Relationship Status.630Relationships can get complicated. This series will help you learn how to uncomplicate them. It’s about making the right choices to strengthen your relationship.

Week 1 / Finding The One:
Week 2 /  Happily Ever After:
Week 3 /  Staying In Love:
Week 4 / Why Aren’t You Normal:

We'reMovingWe are getting ready to take our BIGGEST step as a church and move into our new church home.  This series will help us prepare for that move.

Week 1 / Serve: Download
Week 2 / Support: There won’t be a discussion guide for this week.

Study of Philippians – Attitude, Action, and Endurance

Philippians is a letter of joy. It’s not the joy of people who have no problems, but joy in the midst of hard situations. Paul writes from prison, where he’s facing the very real possibility of execution. It provides great insight and instruction on Christian living is all about.
Week 1 / Right Living:
Week 2 / Imitating Christ:
Week 3 / Pressing On Toward Christ:
Week 4 / A Call To Rejoice:

TheTimeIsNow_Instagram_croppedThere’s no blueprint for a perfect life. Sometimes we all feel like we’ve hit a brick wall, but don’t be discouraged. it may be a part of what God wants to help you rebuild. The Time Is Now to lay the first brick on a new foundation.

Week 1: Download
Week 2: Download

FYWBTG.650We all long for love and purpose. When we seek fulfillment on our own, we’re never satisfied. When we “Find Our Way Back to God”, we are fully satisfied.

Week 1/Awakening To Longing: Download
Week 2/Awakening To Regret: Download
Week 3/Awakening to Help: Download
Week 4/Awakening To Life: Download

Find out what the colors of Christmas represent and what scripture has to say about them!

Blue: Download
(This is the only discussion guide for this series.)

AncientPracticesAncient practices can bridge the gap between the person you are and the person you want to be.

Baptism :Download

strappedLearn God’s plan for your money,  a plan for freedom instead of stress.

A Godly Perspective: Download
Act Your Wage: Download
Putting God First: Download