Rooted Experience

Rooted will run September 10, 2018 through November 16, 2018 at The Village Christian Church in Minooka, IL

What Is Rooted?

Want to find your purpose? 

Have questions about God, Jesus, and the Bible?

What does it all mean and is it for you?

Rooted will answer your big questions in a safe, non-threatening environment. It’s about you building a relationship with Jesus.  A catalyst for life-change, an experience exploring the Bible in a small group environment with real-life application.

Rooted is a 10-week journey, no matter where you are on your walk with Christ.  Each week will equip you to love Jesus, love others, and help others find and follow Jesus.

Here are a few comments from Rooted graduates:

When I started I felt like I had no purpose. I was lost and felt empty. After the experience I felt fully forgiven, seen and loved by God.

I was drowning. No faith, no trust…just brokenness before Rooted. After I opened my heart to Jesus! I’m pursuing a real relationship with Him. He pulled me out of the water.

My ‘Ah ha’ moment was when I realized the enormity of God’s Grace. He loves me the way I love my own children, with every fiber of my being, regardless of what they’ve done wrong. I realized that He loves me that way. To know you’re worth that kind of love changes everything. When I started taking time to read the book, the Bible, and pray and most importantly to sit quietly and LISTEN, I began to hear and feel Him.

Check out these videos to learn more…

When And Where Is Rooted?

The Rooted Winter Session is happening now. Stay tuned for information about the Rooted Summer Session.

How Much Does Rooted Cost?

$50 per person covers the cost of the book and Celebration Dinner. For example, if you and your spouse sign up, then your registration would be $100. You will make this payment when you register.

Will There Be Childcare?

Childcare will be available for $55/family for the 10 weekly sessions and celebration. Example: if you and your spouse sign up for rooted and you have 2 children needing childcare, the cost will be $155, ($50 x 2 + $55).

What’s Real Life-Change Worth?