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Last year at this time I was packing for my first trip to Heart for Africa. I had very little expectations for the trip except to simply serve. I was blown away with what happened to me on the trip!

First, I had no idea that it was a 14 hour flight from Atlanta to Johannesburg. Yep, I didn’t even look at the itinerary. That’s a long flight! Next, I had no idea how beautiful Swaziland was. Think of the most beautiful mountain area you could think of, that’s Swaziland. Then, my brother and I got to go deliver Feed My Starving Children packs to churches across Swaziland. Our church helped pack 20,000 boxes earlier in 2014 so it was really cool to actually deliver some of those boxes on the other side of the world!
Another amazing part of my trip was I got to hold babies and play with the kids in the orphanage throughout the week. It was so much fun! Each child was there because of something really bad they had encountered in their own life or their parent’s life. Yet, they had more joy than me by a landslide. Talk about getting your perspective adjusted to where it should be!!!
I went on the trip to serve, yet I felt like the people at Heart for Africa and the kids ministered to me. I needed to slow down, I needed to get back to basics, I needed to increase my faith, and they helped me to do all of that and so much more!

Tomorrow, 11/21/15, a new team from our church will be heading to Swaziland. I pray that God will minister to each one as they minister to the kids and people at Heart for Africa. This year we are not only sending a team, we are sending $20,488 from ornaments sold as a gift to this great ministry!

Can’t wait to see what God will do next year? I challenge everyone reading this to consider going in 2016. We leave the Saturday before Thanksgiving and return the Monday after Thanksgiving. The food is great (they provide a chef to cook us American food while there), the people are incredible, and your faith will be stretched!!!!


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4 thoughts on “Stretch Your Faith

  1. Heather Houck says:

    I want to go!!! Keep me updated 🙂

    1. Nate says:

      Heather, Let’s connect soon. We already have dates for next year. We can block those out and give you a range for how much the trip will be so we can start fundraising. Awesome!!!

  2. Gabriela cuevas says:

    I would love to get more info on this for myself and my daughter Jazmin

    1. Nate Ferguson says:

      Thanks for your comment. We are finalizing the dates and cost for 2016. Let’s connect at church and I can get you more details. Thanks for your comment!

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