The Heart of a Building Part 1

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While I swear by the Legend of Zelda being the greatest video game ever made, as a kid from the 80’s I certainly have a great deal of respect for the Super Mario Brothers franchise. I was always fascinated by a world were Venus Flytraps come from pipes, and two plumber brothers get involved with solving the world problems.

Not unlike our video games, many of us have had real life plumbing problems. A drain gets clogged; a sump pump will burn up. Arrggh, they can be so frustrating. And so expensive. The cost of dealing with plumbing issues can be very hard to deal with.

This brings me to our spiritual plumbing. You may have heard that we are building a church. Our pastor is super stoked about it. During a recent sermon he got us all pumped up because the steel had arrived, and we would soon be erecting the structure. Not to call him out, but in his excitement for the visual, he may have overlooked the unseen and downplayed the plumbing and foundation work that occurred.

As Christians, we have to be aware that the ground laying work is extremely important. In Matthew 7, Jesus tells us about the wise and foolish builder. The wise builder built his house on rock, and when the storms came, his house was able to withstand. The foolish builder built his house on sand, when the storms came, his foundation gave way and his house came crashing down.

I may be taking some freedoms with my interpretation, but I can certainly see the two houses representing our individual spirits, our Christian faith if you will. If my plumbing and groundwork is strong, then my faith will stand the test, and not succumb to the storms of life. I think you can draw the conclusion on what happens to a faith based on sand…

So how do we strengthen our foundation? For starters we can look at the example set by Job.

Job 1:1 – In the land of Uz there lived a man whose name was Job. This man was blameless and upright; he feared God and shunned evil.

Friends, we become blameless through the sacrifice of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We become upright through the study of scripture, and through prayer, fasting, and meditation. We fear God out of respect for His Majesty and Grace, and we turn our lives away from the grasp of sin.

In short:
1. Seek forgiveness from Christ
2. Read the scripture; Pray for Understanding
3. Worship our God in all aspects of our life
4. Turn from sin

Doing these actions daily is the spiritual equivalent of Perma Sealing your basement.

Congratulations, you have just rescued Princess Peach, and saved Hyrule from Ganon!!

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  1. Pangaybat says:

    I’ve been loving The Heist as I’m sure you have too and I’m a new Macklemore fan and a fowelolr of Christ. I listened to Church on Spotify and googled it soon after just because I was curious about his lyrics and I stumbled upon your blog and this post! Such truth and wisdom you put into this, I loved it. I’m definitely starring your blog to read about more of what you have to say. Have you ever checked out I feel like you’d be a fan.

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