The Right Place At The Right Time

Celebrating our special guests.

Posted: April 4, 2018 by

I sometimes hear the most amazing stories about our church in the most unlikely places.

The first Monday of each month I attend the Lions Club of Minooka meeting. It’s fun to be a part of the community and serve with others. Most meetings we talk about scholarships for kids, students of the month, helping single moms, and other important endeavors.

This particular day, we finished our meeting early so that everyone could get home. We all wanted to watch the big college basketball National Championship game. On my way out the door, I ran into a friend who served at Night to Shine.

I asked, “How was your experience?”

He paused, got emotional, and through some tears shared with me for the next 10 minutes how it had absolutely changed his life. His wife is a special ed teacher and had signed up to volunteer. The original date he couldn’t make it, but when we had to reschedule due to a snowstorm, he was able to volunteer.

He couldn’t believe how well organized it was, how many volunteers there were serving, and how amazing all of the men and women who were our honored guests were. He pulled out his phone and he shared pictures of the night and how excited he was and what a difference it had made in his personal life.

This guy doesn’t go to our church. Had it not been rescheduled due to bad weather he would have missed the opportunity. But God had a plan, and it was the right place at the right time and just what he needed.

When we serve, God changes our attitudes, our heart, and our lives!

This moved me so much that I will be on the phone with our partners at Crossroads Christian Church to talk about plans for Night to Shine in 2019.  We will certainly help them as they host next year. Don’t be surprised if we host an additional Prom Experience in the Fall of 2019.  If one event can make such a difference, why not do 2 in a year?

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