Rescue Sunday Challenge

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Rescue Sunday Challenge

Minooka Campus, Seneca Campus, Coal City Campus, Online Campus

February 4-February 29

Slavery is at a global high. We’re talking about child exploitation and trafficking.

We are the church, and we are going to do something about it.  The goal for 2024 is to raise $45,000 and rescue 30 children from human trafficking in the month of February. We are partnering with Destiny Rescue and Reclaimed to find these children, rescue them, and set them free.

This is what the Journey to Freedom looks like.

We can’t do this without your help! Here’s how you can participate:

  • Bracelets (1000 bracelets x $10 = $10,000)
    Pick up a pack of 5 bracelets from your campus and sell for $10/bracelet. 100% of the donations will help rescue children from sexual exploitation.
  • Adult Prom ($15,000)
    We’ll be rockin’ to the 80’s at The Village Adult Prom on March 8, 6-9 PM. Mocktails, dinner, dancing, and fun will be happening. Tickets are $150/couple or $75/person and limited to 200 people. 100% of the tickets sales will go to rescue children.
  • Fundraise for Freedom ($5,000+)
    Go solo or grab friends to form a Rescue Team, host an event or keep it all online. Any way you fundraise will help bring freedom to more children!

Reclaimed is donating $15,000 to get us started and help meet our goal of raising $45,000.

*2/6/24 Update – We are praising God for your generosity! In the last 2 days $15, 073 has been raised from Adult Prom tickets, bracelets and fundraising. Keep the momentum going!

*2/13/24 Update – We are at $35,000, only $10,000 away from the goal of $45,000. We still have about 2 weeks left, what is God putting on your heart? 

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