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This past weekend we planted 17 trees on the church property, and we did it in about 1 hour!
Our landscaper (Dave Trotter) and Worship Pastor (Jared Baker) worked late after dark on Friday night putting the trees in place and digging the holes with a skid steer. Then on Saturday, our team of Mike Condon, Adam Kulaga, Stephen McCleary, and Bob Gessner dropped the trees into the holes and back filled. We even had water for the new trees thanks to Toby and Christina Tucker, who are neighbors to the property and part of our church family. They let us use their water!

If we didn’t have Dave and his knowledge of how to plant trees and what equipment to use, this would have been a nightmare.
If we didn’t have our Saturday morning crew of strong guys to muscle the 700-1000 lbs trees into the holes, this would have been a nightmare.
If we didn’t have good neighbors, we wouldn’t have been able to water the new trees.

Instead, because each person used their skills and time, the process went smoothly and quickly. And it was FUN!
We put the trees into the ground and God makes them grow. Can’t wait to see them all bloom next year during the springtime!

I’m reminded of this verse from Psalm 1:3 –

That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither– whatever they do prospers.

We know the trees will grow because that’s what trees do when placed in the right soil and environment. We look forward to watching people grow in their relationship with God in the coming years. All that is needed is the right soil (an open heart) and environment (a church that loves God and people)!
What might God be calling you to do to in another persons life that will make a difference?
Do you have a specific skill that you could use (like Dave) to make a difference?
Do you have time and a willingness to serve (like our planting team)?
Do you have resources available to help others (like Toby and Christina)?

As long as we stay close to our God like a tree planted by streams of water, and we make a commitment to serve with what skills, time, and resources we have, God will grow His Church! And lives will be changed forever!

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