5 Reasons To Invest In Your Marriage

Do you invest in your marriage? When you hear the word invest, most people think about money. Investing money for the future is a good idea, but what do you invest in your marriage? Where do you see your marriage going 20 years from now? Are you going to have a partner for life, or a roommate you barely know? I think most people agree that when you get married, you hope to stay that way, but have you asked yourself why? Here are some reasons to think about.

It’s Biblical

First and foremost, God created everything, including marriage. Genesis 2:24 says:

That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.

God also tells us how we are supposed to treat each other as husband and wife in Ephesians 5:33:

However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.

There are many more examples related to marriage that you can find in the Bible, but the point is, God literally tells us how to make marriage work. He wants you to invest in your marriage. He created marriage for us to have companionship and joy in our spouse’s company. Read Song of Songs if you don’t believe me.

Till Death Do We Part

When you get married you make a promise to your spouse before God. It’s a long-term commitment. Kids, jobs, houses, busyness. Through all of it, the goal is to stay married because you promised to grow old together. You want to know and like the person you marry. Your spouse will be there when the kids grow up and move out, when you retire, and when you move into a smaller home for just the two of you to slow down and enjoy life.

Be the Example

If you have kids, you know they are sponges. They see and hear more than you think. Show them what a marriage is supposed to look like. Give them the benefit of a good example for their future. Set boundaries.  While you make sure your kids know they are loved, make sure they also know your spouse is who you will be with after they grow up and move out and find spouses of their own.

Same Team

If you’ve ever played sports, you have heard the saying, “There’s no I in TEAM.” In order for any team to be successful the players need to participate, work together and encourage each other. You have each other’s back and stand up for each other. You each have a part to play and a responsibility to each other and you can rely on each other.

In Good Times and Bad

Life is hard sometimes. There will be disappointments, sickness, hardship and curve balls. You have each other to lean on for support. Don’t forget you have someone to celebrate the good times with too. Through the good times and the bad, your relationship can grow and mature right along with you.

Investing in your marriage means that you will always have someone to honor God with, grow old with, teach your children with, do life with and laugh and cry with. Marriage is a blessing from God, so treat it like a gift that you cherish.


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