Rightnow Media Video Library

What Is Rightnow Media?

Here at The Village Christian Church we want to equip you and provide resources to help you experience life change, life growth and life purpose. Rightnow Media video library is one of those resources.

This is a huge, streaming, online, access-on-any-device library of over 10,000 video Bible studies, leadership videos and kids shows. These videos will help you with parenting, marriage, finances, mental health, and more. Quality, christian content for you to access 24/7.

This resource is for our church family, so if you attend The Village Christian Church, then you’ll have FREE access. There’s great content for all ages – kids, young adults, and more so give your family members access too.

What Is Rightnow Media?

Using this resource is super easy! Once you create your account and log in you will be able to browse all of the content. It can be a bit overwhelming so take your time. Here’s a quick overview of how to access the most requested features and help you get the most out of your account.

For Kids

Rightnow Media will provide quality, Christian content for you kids. Choose from popular kids shows, singalongs, movies, and more. You can also search content by age.

For Men

Rightnow Media provides free Christian content specifically for men and dads. Choose from Bible studies on living out your faith, overcoming sin, work, marriage, being a good dad, finances, leadership, overcoming hardship, finding your identity and purpose, overcoming addiction, and more.

For Women

Rightnow Media is a great resource for women and moms. Videos on finding your identity and worth, living out your faith, overcoming suffering and trials, relationships, busyness and burnout, marriage and being a good wife, being a mom, being a daughter, work, leadership, and more.

What To Do If You Have Questions

This is a very user-friendly resource, but if you have any questions, we are here to help! You can contact Sarah O’Sullivan if you need help or are looking for a video on a particular topic.

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