Dedications For Our Littles

Dedications are a commitment to raise kids to know and love Jesus.

“Parenting is easy,” said no one ever.

Life can be hard and it takes a village to raise kids. Here at The Village, we partner with families. We want to encourage and support parents as they raise their littles to come to know and love Jesus.

We don’t do confirmations here at The Village, but we do offer dedications. Dedications are a special time for parents to make a public commitment before the church that they will do their best to provide a Christian home centered around the Bible. Parents affirm that God has a plan for the little and the family. When littles are old enough to understand what baptism is and make their own decision to take that next step in their relationship with Christ, they can be baptized. 

Dedications take place during the church service. Parents come up on stage with their family and answer questions affirming their commitment to raise their little to know and love Jesus. Parents are encouraged to invite family and friends to celebrate this special day. They are welcome to invite godparents or special people up on stage with them. The church family will promise to love, support, and encourage parents and littles as they grow in their relationship with Christ.

“Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it.” – Proverbs 22:6

Dedications take place periodically throughout the year. Contact Amy, Children’s Pastor, if you have questions or are ready to take this next step.

2020 Dedication Schedule

January 19
May 24
July 5
September 7
November 29

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