Does God Answer Prayer?

Does God Answer Prayer?

A common question I hear is, “Does God answer prayer?” Here are the facts: God wants to hear from you, and  He wants to know your concerns. God is not a magician. A magician makes things appear as though they are not, a deceiver. You have a God that is a God of truth! God […]

Prayer – What Is It? Part 2

What is prayer part 2

Prayer is talking to God, your Father,  as though he is standing, sitting or laying next to you. It’s simply telling your Father all about it. He wants to know your concerns and he wants you to grow closer to him. Prayer is given to all as a gift from God. Praying is not complicated, […]

Prayer – What Is It? Part 1

The Village Christian Church in MInooka is a church committed to prayer. We believe in the power of prayer.

We all need to know about prayer! God gave the gift of prayer to us so we can stay in touch with him. Many people desire to pray but do not know how. They may even feel like they are unworthy to pray because of certain things they have done in their lives that causes […]