It Looked Easy

It Looked Easy

Student Ministry Leaders at The Village Christin Church lead a group of 46 high school students to CIY Summer Conference. It looked easy.

Recently I left on our annual CIY Move Student Conference trip for the 16th time in my life. Five times I attended as a student in Carbondale, Illinois, once as an intern in Anderson, Indiana, a half dozen in Michigan at the beautiful Hope College as the youth pastor, another few in Cedarville, Ohio. This […]

Obedient to the Opportunities

The last thing on my mind was being obedient as I shopped.

The last thing on my mind was being obedient. After a long day in the office and a stop at the doctor’s office with a sick kid, it was one of those days where talking with everyone I knew in Walmart was low on my priority list. All I wanted was a few groceries. Lunches […]