Is The Bible Reliable?

Is The Bible Reliable?

Is the Bible Reliable?

Bible Stories Even if you weren’t raised in the church, you still know more bible stories than you think: Noah and the ______. Jonah and the ______. Joseph and the Amazing ________. Moses and the _______________. Jesus was born in a _____________. He raised from dead on the _____ day. In our culture, many people […]

The Most Terrifying Emotion

The Most terrifying emotion is joy

 “As someone who studies shame and scarcity and fear, if you asked me, ‘What is the most terrifying, difficult emotion we experience as humans?’ I would say joy,” says Dr. Brene Brown. How many of you as parents have ever watched your child sleeping and thought, “I love you like I never imagined possible,” and then in that split second pictured something horrific happening? Or have you ever […]