Big Plans For A Little Town Called Seneca


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When I was 8 years old, my family moved to a tiny little town called Seneca in Illinois. My family moved a lot. I thought this would be the same as any other move. When we got to the town, I started school, unpacked, and made friends quickly. We ran around after school riding bikes, playing, and having cartwheel competitions down the sidewalk. I loved it, but it did not last long. In fact, it would be the shortest amount of time I spent in a town during my childhood years.

Three weeks after we moved there, my Dad came home and told us we were moving to Louisiana. I was devastated. It is the only time I can ever remember being devastated about a move because I was so used to doing it. I laid on my bedroom floor and cried, holding my purple “boombox” and listening to REO Speedwagon sing “It’s time to bring this ship into the shore and throw away the oars forever.” Very dramatic, I know. I was only 8!

God Is Always Working Behind The Scenes

God uses us for His purposes before we ever become aware. “A Village Christian Church campus in Seneca God?” The morning after I woke up in our new home, in Seneca, 37 years later, this thought filled my mind. Since I have witnessed the miraculous with God before, I have learned, watching Him do the seemingly impossible, to trust Him. Things do not always make sense right away, but God’s plan is bigger than our plans and understanding. I said yes in that moment, however, there was a request. “God, will you tell Nate or Nick or both? This is a hard sell.” The town of Seneca is a small one. There are less than 2,500 people. I waited and trusted and prayed.

I prayed at home and as I walked through the town. Praying for God’s plan to come to fruition and for the hearts of the people in and around Seneca to be forever changed in, through and for Him. I prayed for our team, for a meeting place, for open doors and closed doors to guide us where He wants to take us. This is what I still pray for each day. When I walked past First United Methodist Church I lovingly called it “Our Church” or “My Church” for months. I know now that God placed that property on my heart.

God Provides

It has been almost a year since then. Along the way, God spoke to Nate and he has been a champion of this endeavor. We have a signed agreement with First United Methodist Church in Seneca to rent their building for the next year after they finish their morning service. How incredible…. It is miraculous! We have had 4 informational meetings for the new Seneca Campus. We have about 60 adults and their children who are committed to launching this new church.

There is so much anticipation and expectancy for what God has done, is doing and will do. Everyone is inviting their friends and family to come and join us in Seneca. With 4 ½ months before launch, we are going to start building teams and having team meetings and prayer meetings. We want you to join us! If you live in or near Seneca, if you have a missional heart, if you feel called to help out, if you are looking for community, I would love to talk with you!

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