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Do You Feel Empty?

Are you missing a lasting satisfaction in life? Do the things that you are looking forward to having or achieving fade and leave you feeling empty again? I think I’m so passionate about Christ because I lived my life without Him for so long. Great on the outside. Inside – empty. Loving my kids and husband, of course, but constantly seeking something that I wasn’t aware I was missing.

Can You Relate?

I spent hours of mindless scrolling on TikTok or Facebook, emptying a few bottles of wine every night. Working out endless hours and tracking calories? Finding comfort in a political party? Binge-watching Netflix until 2 AM? Working on making the outside look great with material possessions and purchases? Brand names? The newest “fads”?

I sought comfort in all of these things, yet none filled me. None of these could fill that void. When you’re living with that empty place inside that you’re not even aware of, life loses its beauty.

When you love your husband or wife, but you complain about them, and you love your kids, but they’re exhausting and aggravating. You love your life, but to escape it if only for 15 minutes? Man, that would be amazing.

I lived under the pretense that if I could only find “me time” for an hour, everything would somehow be better. That’s how I operated for so many years. I remember laughing off the idea of an “all-good, sovereign God” and mocking my closest friend’s faith (thank you for your forgiveness, both to my friend and to God).

Jesus Fills The Void

It wasn’t until Jesus literally grabbed my soul and turned me inside out that I felt that complete and total contentment.





The blessings in EVERY single season—yes, even the hard ones. Happiness in the chaos. Love inside our home. There was a black and white turning point in my life, and I’ll forever be grateful for that. I now see the true meaning of sacrificial love.

Our marriage is radically transformed, renewed, and so much stronger. Our attitudes toward giving have changed so much. The way I look at those who are different from me is a complete 180 from what it used to be.

Now we view our children as THE most important ministry. Not as interruptions or annoyances, but as physical proof of God’s blessings (even during temper tantrums and monumental, yes – monumental, fights).

Spending hours in prayer and worship and connecting with the One who made you. Finding the beauty in everything. Living every moment in grateful response of the ULTIMATE sacrifice our creator gave for us.

I remember reading a quote, and I can’t remember who it came from or what it was in. It went something like- “When you fully understand the magnitude of what Jesus did for you, you will live every single day of your life differently until you leave this Earth. If you aren’t living your life differently yet, then you don’t fully understand what he did.”

From Emptiness To Peace

It is my prayer that everyone would live to one day experience that peace and joy. A total and complete fulfillment that doesn’t leave you based on your circumstance. A peace that stays despite the bills, the pay cut, the kids’ school grades or sports shortcomings, or things in the news. That even in the midst of life’s terrible storms, your peace would not be shaken. That you could go confidently into whatever season of life you’re in, with the complete assurance that the creator of the universe is there, walking right alongside you.

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