Girls, Noise, and Jesus

I have two teenage sons.  They are AWESOME!  We play sports together, go to events, eat great food, and get along great.

My wife, Rachelle. for the past 4 years has held a high school girls Lifegroup at our house. For those who don’t have girls, they are LOUD! When 6-8 of them gather at our house, the volume level goes from a 2 to a 10! Even our male dog runs to my office or to my car to get away from the noise ?

Here’s what I’ve seen over the last 4 years with this group….

1. These girls LOVE Jesus!

They have a great mentor in my wife, Rachelle, but their love for Jesus is their own.  And they love BIG!

2. These girls support each other!

Three of the girls who have graduated and are now in college still text and encourage each other every day. In addition, they also text and encourage the others still in high school. What a great example of connecting and community!

3. These girls serve!

Students at The Village Christian Church in Minooka, IL served in Swaziland, Africa. Every single one serves on Sunday and all have served outside the walls of the church, some even halfway around the world in Africa. Here is a picture of them serving at Heart for Africa in Swaziland, Africa.

4. These girls share their faith.

This summer one of the girls made the decision to accept Christ and be baptized.  There were a 20 plus high school students and youth leaders there to cheer her on.  Every day the girls are inviting their friends to check out who Jesus is.  They don’t hide their faith, They share it openly. What a great example to us all!

The moral to the story…

Even though the volume in our house goes UP every so often, the growth in Christ that is happening amongst these teenagers is incredible!

I’m so proud to see this great group head off to college and change the world and share their faith with so many.  So proud!

Oh…by the way…once school gets started again, my wife,Rachelle, will lead a whole new group.  If you see me and the dog out walking in the neighborhood, you now know why. We are getting away from the noise and also thanking God for it!

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