Giving Questions

Is Online Giving Safe And Secure?

Yes! The system is very safe and secure with bank-grade payment infrastructure and is PCI Level 1 compliant.

Is There An App?

Yes! You can donate to church via the Gyve app. Text gyve to 313131 to download the app, register, select The Village Christian Church and start giving today. You can give anytime, in any amount, from anywhere!

What Is Round-Up?

Gyve’s Round-Up feature rounds up the change from every-day purchases, accumulates it and then donates it to The Village Christian Church. This happens when you sign-up for Round-Up and use your debit or credit card for everyday purchases like pumping gas, buying a burger, or going out with friends.

Every purchase made with a card attached to the Round-Up feature adjusts the purchase price to the nearest dollar and collects the difference for donation. If a purchase is $3.12, the new total transaction amount reads $4.00. The $0.88 difference accumulates and once it accumulates to $20, Gyve makes the donation to The Village Christian Church. Super easy!

An account must be selected as a Round-Up account. Any debit/credit card, or ACH account can be selected to be used for round-up.

All Round-Up funds will be used outside the walls of the church to help individuals or organizations in need.

There is an option to “Pause this month”, which if selected Round -Up transactions will be paused for that month only. The following month the account will be reactivated automatically.

Can I Give With My Bank’s Bill Pay?

Yes! Auto bill pay is a safe, easy, and convenient way to consistently give throughout the year. This option saves the church from having to pay transaction and credit card processing fees. That means 100% of your donation goes to the church.

Set-up Instructions: Each bank is slightly different so if you have additional giving questions, please contact your bank directly.

  1. Log-in to your online banking. >> For example,
  2. Select “Bill Pay.”
  3. Select “Add a bill.”
  4. Enter the applicable information for The Village Christian Church.
  5. In the account number field, please include your phone number.
  6. Select “Recurring Payment.” Enter the appropriate dollar amount and frequency.
  7. Select “Finish.”

Can I Give At Church?

Yes! There are giving envelopes in the boxes located on the back wall of the worship room. You can drop your envelope in these boxes as you enter or exit the worship room. You can give cash or checks, and don’t forget to include your name if you want us to record your tax-deductible gift.

How Do I View Everything I’ve Given To The Village?

You can view your Gyve transactions and download your giving statements in the side navigation / History menu.

If you have given in other ways (cash, check, auto bill pay), total giving can be viewed in your Church Community Builder (CCB) account. This will include what you give on Sunday morning, what you mail in, and what you give online. Please note that your CCB account is updated once a week.

To view your total giving, log into (or create) your CCB account and then click on your profile in the upper right corner. Click on the financial tab in the middle of the page, then click on the family tab. You can see your recent transactions and giving statements for any period. Your financial information is secure and only visible to you and the church Treasurer.

If you choose to give as a guest and no contact information is provided, donations will be anonymous and no receipt will be available.

How Do I Update My Mailing Address Or Email?

Please email Shannon to update your email and mailing address in our church database. The church does not have access to your Gyve account, so you will be the only person that can manage your profile information can update your email directly in the Profile menu.

How Do I Reset My Password?

Go into the Profile option from the side navigation menu and select Update Password. Enter the current password, along with the new password. If you cannot remember the password, sign out and go to the Forgot Password link on the sign in screen.

Can I Make A One-Time Or A Recurring Scheduled Donation?

Yes, you can make a one-time donation or schedule a recurring gift.

Can I Choose Which Campus I Want My Donation To Go To?

Yes, there is an option to select Minooka, Seneca or Online.

What If I Want To Change Credit Cards Or Change A Recurring Schedule Payment?

You can change your credit card in the Accounts menu. For security purposes the church does not have access to your password.

Changes can be managed from the Gyve app. To open the side navigation menu, select the three white bars in the upper left-hand corner on the main dashboard screen. From there, select the Scheduled option to manage a recurring payment. Changes to a recurring account can also be managed directly on the dashboard by selecting the Recurring option, then selecting the manage recurring button.

I Got An Email That Said My Donation Failed To Process, What Should I Do?

The email you received should have directions for each specific issue, however, below is a general way to take next steps and fix issues.

Mobile App Instructions

  1. Log in to Gyve app
  2. Open side navigation and select Accounts
    – Apple iOS: Go to the bottom and touch the “Add Account” button.
    – Android: Go to the bottom right and touch the “+” icon
  3. Select “Add Draw Account” from the pop-up.
  4. Add correct bank routing and account number.
  5. Touch Add Account button on the bottom
  6. You will be taken back to the Accounts screen and the new account will be selected.
  7. Delete the previously created account (the one that is no longer selected)
    – Apple iOS: Swipe left to delete it.
    – Android: Touch “Edit” link on the top, then select the account and touch “Delete”.

Website Instructions

  1. Log in to the online giving page.
  2. Click the “Add Account” link below current accounts.
  3. Add correct bank routing and account number.
  4. Click Add Account
  5. The Accounts screen will re-populate and highlight the NEW account Delete the previously created account.

How Do I Cancel My Gyve Account?

Go to the side navigation screen, select Profile and select Cancel.

Are There Any Fees Involved In Online Giving?

The Village pays a processing fee for all credit/debit card and ACH donations. You do have the option to cover that transaction fee and can find that box under the amount of your donation.

If you set up Bill Pay through your bank, the church does not pay fees on those transactions.

Can I Give Stock, Real Estate, Appreciated Securities Or Other Non-Cash Gifts To The Village?

Yes. Click here to find out how to do it.

Can I Give To The Village By Check?

Yes. Please make checks payable to “The Village Christian Church”. If mailing, send to:

The Village Christian Church
8965 South Bell Road
Minooka, IL 60447

Can I Speak With Someone About Giving Questions?

Yes! If you have questions about the Gyve app or your Gyve account, email

Please send the church an email if you have any other questions about giving.

** Donating by credit card is offered as a convenience. If you’re currently in debt or have had a history of debt, please do not use your credit card to give to the church.

  • More Information

    Gifts may be tax deductible. Online gifts can be made via credit card or direct bank draft (ACH). You will receive a giving statement at the end of the year.

    ** Donating by credit card is offered as a convenience. If you’re currently in debt or have had a history of debt, please do not use your credit card to give to the church.

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