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Invest In Your Marriage

One of the very best things you can do for your marriage is to go a marriage retreat once a year.  In fact, studies show that couples who take time for a marriage retreat each year are 70% more likely to stay together than those who don’t. It’s that “checkup” that re-centers your focus and your priorities, and makes all the difference in the world!

This year we are honored to have my friends, Justin and Tricia Davis, lead a Marriage Retreat here at The Village. I went to school with Justin and Tricia and have been friends for over 20 years.

Going through some struggles in your marriage?

They have gone through the ultimate struggle and found God’s grace and will share ways to overcome!  Their story can help YOU!

Going through financial hardship or family stress?

They are church planters (which means you are perpetually broke) and just adopted 2 kids (in addition to their three biological kids).  They can relate and help us as we all struggle with these things.

Need someone real to talk to and relate to, not some couple with a canned message?

They are as real as it gets, and actually really funny!  They will have you laughing one minute and close to tears the next.

What else could you be doing on a Friday night that would not only help your marriage right now but also give you a boost for a better relationship in the future?  I can’t think of anything and oh by the way…..IT’S FREE!

Get a babysitter and make this event a priority.

Invite friends from church and outside of church to come with you.

Make it fun and head out for a movie or something fun afterward on Friday night.

See you March 9 – 10th for an incredible boost to your marriage!


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