Invite God Into Your Decisions

Have you ever had to make decisions? There is this fascinating conversation that Moses had with God in Exodus 33…

“Moses spoke with God as a man speaks with a friend.” – Exodus 33:11

Can you imagine speaking with God like that? How cool.

In the conversation Moses essentially says to God, you’ve told me you will lead us, but you haven’t told us where to go or to whom we are going.

God replies…I will go with you and I will give you victory.

Sounds pretty good.

The next sentence is to me what is so fascinating. God said 2 things…

  1. I will go with you
  2. I will give you victory

In my brain, I think I would have focused on the victory part. What is going to be our next victory? Who are we going to defeat and when is the battle?

Moses instead focused only on one thing. That God would go with him.

Check out these amazing 2 verses in Exodus 33….

Then Moses said to him, “If you yourself don’t go with us, then don’t send us away from this place. If you don’t go with us, no one will know that you are pleased with me and with your people. These people and I will be no different from any other people on earth.” – Exodus 33:15-16

Moses says if you don’t go with us, it’s not even worth packing our bags. Your presence in our lives is the absolute most important thing. Without your presence, there’s no point in going anywhere because there will be no victory.

What’s your next step in your life? What’s the next stage with your kids? Your career? Your marriage?

Have you invited God’s presence into those decisions, those moments? According to Moses (and I happen to agree with him ?), the most important thing is God’s presence leading. He wants you to invite Him into your decisions. He is ready to accept that invitation.

Better to stay still than to lead out without God.

Better to have God’s leading, then follow.

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