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Tripp Thursday

Thursday group meeting at the Minooka Campus The Village Christian Church Bible Study
Topic: Bible Study
6:45 pm 
to 8:00 pm
Location: Minooka Campus
Group Leader: Kraig and Sandi Tripp
Ages: 21 and up
Is childcare available: No

The Thursday group is a comforting space where people of all walks of life come together. We’re a mix of single and married adults, each on our unique paths. Our discussions usually take off from the Sunday messages, which provide us with food for thought throughout the week. We talk about things that helps us grow, understand ourselves, and face life’s challenges. But what really stands out is how we catch up on each other’s weeks. It’s like a support system where we share our ups and downs, offering encouragement and a listening ear. We all agree that having this kind of community makes a positive impact on our lives.

This lifegroup meets from 6:45-8 pm. The group does not serve food and no childcare is offered.

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