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Stop, Be Quiet and Listen

We live in a busy world and it can be difficult to stop and just slow down. Ask any person how they are and chances are they will say, “I’m really busy”. That is accentuated during the holidays.

Rachelle and I were married December 14, 1996, which is a challenging time to celebrate because of the busy holiday season. Last year, we decided to escape to a beach the first week of December to celebrate, but also use the time to review the year and make plans for the next year.

Rachelle loves to sit by the ocean, read, and pray. I love to swim, snorkel, play beach volleyball, run, swim with dolphins, read, and pray. As you can see, we have different ideas for vacation. 🙂

This year, I’m in a walking boot because of a broken toe that should have healed by now if I would have followed the doctor’s orders. So this year since I can’t be active, I decided to bring a bunch of books to read and be open to God’s voice. The first book I read began with this quote from Steven Furtick, Lead Pastor at Elevation Church:

“Most believers aren’t in imminent danger of ruining their lives. They are facing a danger that is far greater: wasting them.”

That sentence has caused me many hours of reflection. In 2019 I’m beginning my 25th year in ministry.  As I’ve reflected on the last 25 years and prayed about what I hope will be the next 25, allow me to share some ideas with you that I’ve come up with in my time of sitting still…

1. Daily time with God to stay connected to Him, trust Him, and be challenged to life change.
2. Invest in relationships. I won the lottery when I married Rachelle and I’m so thankful for her. Time spent on building our marriage must take more of a priority and I can’t take her for granted.
3. Teaching your children. Teaching my boys (Kaden/Carder) to have a daily relationship with Jesus needs to be a priority. I’m amazed at the young men God is molding them to be, but just because they are older doesn’t mean my job is done. I need to continue to encourage and challenge them every day.
4. Invest in The Church, Life Change, Life Growth, and Life Purpose.  Seeing God work in thousands of lives over the years never gets old and will last forever.
5. Developing leaders. The last half of my career needs to be focused on developing others to do the work of the Church.
6. Discipleship is what it’s all about.  Spending time with 1-2 people per year, helping them develop a relationship with God, then challenging them to do the same for others needs to be a priority.

A broken toe is a good thing. It’s helped me to slow down and listen to God’s voice. In this new year be aware of those opportunities to slow down and seize them.

Reserve time this week to stop, be quiet, and listen to what God has for you.

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