Speak Faith Into Fear

My facebook post on August 11, 2016 was this…..

I’m surrounded by great leaders. While sharing with a leader that we are a little short in our offerings this year, he responded by saying “It won’t matter when we are reaching 1000 people and we need to expand parking”.

I really needed to hear that because the finances were not very strong at that point in time. In fact, we were approximately $40,000 behind in our budget. Although the finances weren’t strong, God was bringing the people and attendance continued to grow. It was clear that we would have to take a step of faith and add a service to make room for more people.

What if we had focused on the finances, circled the wagons and not stepped out in faith? What if we had let the fears overcome our faith?

Thankfully, a trusted leader lined me out! He said what I needed to hear, and He spoke truth in love. He spoke faith into my fear.


Now it’s August 15th, 2017 as I write this, a whole year later….

The Village ChristianChurch in MInooka, Illinois is looking into adding parking in 2018We’re working on expanding the parking! In fact, we’re getting pricing to add 104 parking spaces in 2018!

We’re restructuring our staff and our systems to set the church up to reach 1,000 people every week! That’s 1000 people coming to know Christ! That’s 1000 people reading the Bible and applying it to their lives!

We’re making plans to add a new service in the future! Stay tuned for more details coming in the Fall on that.

We’re in the process of turning over 2 rooms in the church for more kids space because we are running out of room!

Oh yeah, God provided the finances. We concluded 2016 above budget. Literally an extra $50,000 came in the last days of December that brought us to where we needed to be. We are very thankful to God for always providing.

At this point, we’re currently just above our budget with great opportunities to end the year strong and set up for hundreds of more people’s lives to be changed!

Surround yourself with good people! Listen to people of faith, not fear!

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