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God Is Present And At Work

Today we are thanking God. In the midst of a pandemic and national unrest, a time unlike no other, He has done so much. God is working in the midst of the chaos and we are thankful to be part of the solution. We are thankful for such an incredible God. He is present in our world today. He is working in our world today. We wanted to share a snapshot of what God did in 2020 to provide encouragement and hope.

2020 started with a bang! We had big plans and were reaching 700 people per week in person + 100 people online. Then COVID-19 hit and everything changed, but God did show up in amazing ways!

Thanking God For Online Options

The Village Live Online Campus at The Village Christian ChurchWe were planning to launch The Village LIVE Online Campus in the summer. Man plans, God laughs! The pandemic changed our timeline and in March, without time to prepare, we went all online. In the summer we started to slowly add in-person services while seeing the online presence grow.

By late fall, we were reaching 500 people in person (safely distanced) and over 500 people online weekly. Online guests came from all over the U.S. and we even went international to Canada, Africa, India, and Austria.

In 2020 the focus was on the word “Solution”. Rather than complain (even though we had our moments) about what we couldn’t do because of the pandemic, we focused on solutions to what we could do and how we could reach people where they were. The Village LIVE Online Campus, digital Lifegroups and Rooted sessions, and leader meetings via Zoom were a few of those solutions. We are so thankful to each of you – our church family – for your flexibility and willingness to try innovative ways to connect.

Going Old School

One of the ways we connected was to go “old school” and pick up the phone. We spent time calling people and just talking. During those personal phone calls, we asked, “How are you doing? How can we pray for you?” In our normal busy life, that probably would not have happened. Not being face to face reminded us of the value of human interaction.

In 2020 we announced that The Village was expanding into Seneca. The pandemic delayed those plans, but now the Seneca Campus is scheduled to open February 2021. God has shown us that in the future we can have more physical locations, which paired with the online efforts provides unlimited opportunities to connect with people who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus.

God Is Ready To Use You

The Village is no longer one church in one location. We are one church with multiple campuses and unlimited potential. We can’t wait to see how God uses you to be the church to others who don’t know Jesus in the future!

Please pray with us for how God will use you and His Church to reach more people (Life Change), connect and grow them into disciples (Life Growth), who serve and live out His Purpose (Life Purpose) in this world. Every one of you is special and God has a plan for you! Step into it and be greater than last year!

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