What Do You Do With Big Worries?

Worries – we all have them, the big question is what do we do with them? Do we stress out, become withdrawn, or maybe lash out? 

You will face many worries at different times in your life. Where does your mind go when you are bombarded by those big worries? What is the doctor going to tell me? Did I get the job? How will I pay rent, bills and buy food this month? The list is endless, right?!?

I recently had a health issue I was worried about. I had a doctor’s appointment and was praying about what I did not want to see happen. A friend asked me how I was doing and I shared that I was ok, just praying it wasn’t going to go bad. Then my friend asked me two simple, yet helpful questions. Are you praying for your worries? And is that even biblical?

Pray Best Case Scenario

My friend encouraged me to pray for a best-case scenario that God can provide instead of a worst-case scenario that anyone could provide. So I changed my prayer, went to the doctor, and was blessed to get the best case news.

The next day, I was reading my Bible in Numbers 13. The 12 spies checked out the promised land, which at the time was full of giants. The 2 good spies looked at the giants and believed God was bigger. They said in verse 31:

“We should go up and take possession of the land.”

The other 10 spies had other ideas. They said in verse 33:

“We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them.”

In other words, this is a land of giants, we’ve got no chance. This is a worst-case scenario. So, the people listened to the 10 spies and rebelled against God. Which forced them to spend the next 40 years wandering in the wilderness, instead of taking an 11-day walk into the promised land. All because they were focused on what they could control rather than focusing on God, who is bigger than the giants.

As you read that scripture think of those giants as your worries. God is bigger than those worries. Today I want to encourage you to turn those worries over to God. It may sound overly simple, and in some ways it is. God doesn’t want to make things complicated. He wants the very best for you.

What are you focused on? Are you praying for your worries?

Today I encourage you to focus on a God who can do anything.

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