We know it can be intimidating to be the new guy or girl, so here are some questions and answers to help you feel more comfortable when you visit. We can’t wait to meet you!

Where Is The Village Christian Church Located?

You can find us at 8965 South Bell Road, Minooka, IL, 60447. We’re right next to Westwinds Estates just north of the Rt. 6 & Bell Road intersection. Get driving directions…

When Are Services At The Village Christian Church?

In-Person Services: Sundays, 8:15, 9:30 & 11 am.

Online LIVE Service: Sundays, 9:20 am Central Time. You can watch on Facebook, YouTube or the website. If you miss the LIVE, watch on demand.

What Are Services Like?

If you have a Catholic background you may call these mass. Here at The Village we call them services, and they are casual and relaxed.

We worship – this is our response to God’s great love. It’s something everyone can do, and it’s something everyone was created to do. Some people think worship is music – that’s part of it, but there’s so much more! Look around at what God has surrounded you with – a beautiful sunrise, food, family, a place to live, etc. – and thank Him. Worship is a time to praise and honor God, a time to be close to God, and a time to put life in perspective. Messages are straight from the Bible and taught in a way that you can understand and apply to your life.

They celebrate your abundant goodness and joyfully sing of your righteousness. – Psalm 145:7

What Do I Wear? 

You’re welcome to dress however you are most comfortable, but most people (including our Pastors) wear jeans. Don’t worry if you’re wearing the right thing, acting the right way, or if you’re the right kind of person. Anyone can walk in and feel a part of our church!

Where Do I Park And Enter?

The parking lot entrance is off of Bell Road. Once you pull in and park, look for the blue canopy, which is our main entrance. There is handicapped parking available. Once you enter the front doors, you will see our Welcome Center in the center of our lobby. Please stop by for more information.

Just behind the Welcome Center is our Coffee Center. This is currently closed due to COVID-19, but when it reopens you can stop by for a free cup of hot coffee, tea, or ice cold lemonade. Then you can head into the Worship Room, which is right off of the lobby. You’re welcome to bring drinks into the Worship Room.

What Is There For My Kids? 

Yes! Kid Village is open during the Sunday 9:30 and 11 am services for infants – 3rd grade. Currently due to COVID-19 and RSVP is required so we can follow safety protocols. The entire building is thoroughly cleaned weekly and each classroom is cleaned again between services.

To get to Kid Village, take the hallway to your left and stop at the check-in counter at the end of the hallway.  The exception to the schedule is on Family Worship days. Read more…

During the 9:30 and 11:00 am services on Sundays, students in 4th – 8th grade meet in the Pulse Student Ministries room. RSVP is required due to COVID-19 so we can follow safety protocols. This group is also meeting online Sundays at 10:45 am. Register for Pulse Zoom at

4-5th graders also meet Wednesday nights 6:30-7:30 pm during the school season.

Junior high and high school students also meet Sunday nights, 6:30 – 8 pm during the school season.

Read more about Kid Village and RSVP…

Read more about Pulse Student Ministries and RSVP…

Will My Kids Be Safe?

Yes! The health, safety, and security of all kids in Kid Village is very important. For this reason, our church has policies and procedures to ensure the safety of your kids and your peace of mind. We have a dedicated security team in place to make sure all is safe and secure. See the Safety & Health page for more information.

How Is The Leadership Structured?

The Village Christian Church is self-governed by the Leadership Team. This team consists of people from within our church who are nominated and then called by the team. Their role is to make sure the church is achieving its mission to be a catalyst for Life Change, Life Growth, and Life Purpose. Read more…

The Village also has an Elders Team to focus on the spiritual growth of our church. Read more…

Is The Village Christian Church Part Of A Denomination?

No, The Village is a non-denominational Christian Church. What this means is we welcome all people of all backgrounds and religions. In fact, we have former atheists that are now developing relationships with Christ.

Do I Have To Be A Member?

No, we do not have membership at The Village. The only requirement is that you are open to having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Love your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind. – Matthew 22:37

What Is Baptism?

Life change is what it’s all about – God changing us from the inside out. Getting baptized is a making a public commitment to say YES to Jesus! It’s a symbol of the burial of the old self and the resurrection of the believer’s soul to walk in life with Christ. It’s an opportunity to show on the outside what’s happening on the inside.

The Village believes in baptism by immersion. There are three reasons for this: Jesus was baptized that way (Matt. 3:16), every baptism in the Bible was by immersion (Acts 8:38-39), and it best symbolizes a death and a resurrection.

We wait until kids are old enough to believe and understand the true meaning of baptism before we baptize them. The Village holds Dedications, which allow parents and family to make a public faith commitment to raise their kids in a Christian home.

Learn more about baptism…

What Happens During Communion?

Communion is a time for us to remember that Jesus gave his life to save us from our sins. The bread represents Christ’s body and the juice represents his blood. All believers are invited to take communion, which we do at every service.

Sealed communion cups are handed to you as you enter. We’ll explain it when it comes time to take the bread and juice. You will have a time of quiet meditation, and take the bread and juice when you are ready. When you’re finished, you can put your empty cups in the cup holder under the seat in front of you.

Communion Is All About The Heart. Read now…

What Happens During Offering Time?

Your generosity helps us to continue to grow and work towards our mission of being a catalyst for Life Change, Life Growth, and Life Purpose. There are several options for giving other than during Sunday services. Read more…

You can also text in your gift to 815-205-1171. Set the number as one of your contacts – you can call it “Give to The Village” so it’s quick and easy to find the next time you would like to give.

Click on the green give button for more info!

How Can I Stay Connected And Find Out About Upcoming Events?

There are various ways you can find out what’s happening and stay connected:

  • Website – check out the home page Special Events or the what’s happening page
  • ENews – a weekly email newsletter distributed every Wednesday. Text LIFECHANGE to 22828 (make sure there are no spaces when you type in LIFECHANGE) or click here to sign-up
  • Facebook Church Page
  • Groups on Facebook
    • Facebook Village Friends – This is a place for all of our church family to have conversations, connect, and care for each other. Celebrate the great things happening here at The Village, ask questions. You can post prayer requests, needs, community information, etc.
    • Pulse Students at The Village – This group is a community for students, leaders, and parents involved in Pulse, which is our youth group for 5th grade – high school.
    • Kid Village – This group a community for Kid Village leaders and parents. A place you can communicate with leaders and other parents, a place to ask questions and see what your kids are doing while you’re in church.
  • Instagram
  • Digital Program
  • Church Community Builder (CCB) Click here to sign up or to log in.