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WELCOME! Life Change, Life Growth, Life Purpose is what we want for you.

Build a relationship with Jesus while serving others ❤️ It’s that simple.

Do you need time and a safe space to refresh, decompress, and get ready for another tough week? Us too. Our world is tough, we get it and want to help support, encourage and equip you as you do life. Helping people experience Life Change, Life Growth, and Life Purpose is our mission, it’s why we exist.

You may have been raised Catholic, Methodist, Lutheran, Protestant, something else, or nothing at all. The Village is a non-denominational church, which means we welcome all backgrounds.

Maybe you have a personal relationship with Jesus, or maybe you don’t. Maybe you’ve grown up in the church, but now are having some doubts. Or maybe you’ve never been to church, or don’t believe in God, but are curious. That’s okay, we would love to meet you!

Here at The Village, we welcome everyone with NO JUDGMENT no matter what your history is. We’re not worried about your past, we care about your future! We are here to help you take that first or next step, wherever you are in your faith journey. There’s a place for you!

If you’re new to The Village here’s a sneak peek into what you can expect at The Village. We are one church with multiple locations, Minooka, Seneca and Online.

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1. Online from live.thevillagechristianchurch.com, YouTube, Facebook, Roku, AppleTV and Amazon FireTV LIVE at 9 and 10:30 am Central Time or on-demand. Church anytime anywhere.

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Welcome to The Village Christian Church in Minooka, IllinoisIt can be scary to go to a new place. We want you to feel comfortable, so check out some frequently asked questions.

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Who We Are

The Village Christian Church Minooka Campus in Minooka, IllinoisOur church isn’t a building, but a group of people that make mistakes, love Jesus and each other. We look at the Bible, figure out how it applies to life, and do the best that we can. If you’re dealing with parenting a difficult child, a job layoff, depression, addiction, a diagnosis, or a tough circumstance you can look to the Bible for guidance.

Our mission is to help people experience life change, life growth, and life purpose. We want to encourage and equip you to build a personal relationship with Jesus so you can then do the same for others.

…to be a catalyst for Life Change, Life Growth, and Life Purpose. The 3 arrows in our logo depict each point: Life Change (up arrow): Looking up to God and sharing the good news of Jesus Life Growth (side arrow): Reaching out to others to connect and experience community Life Purpose (down arrow): Reaching down to do what God created you to do – serving others and making an impact locally, regionally and globally.The 3 arrows depict our mission points:

Life Change (up): Looking up to God to experience life changed by God and telling others about Jesus.
Life Growth (side): Reaching out to others to connect and experience community.
Life Purpose (down): You were designed on purpose with intention by God.

Church Shouldn’t Be Boring

The Village Christian Church is a place for families with strong kids and youth ministriesWe like to have fun and don’t think church should be boring! The Village is a place of community, a place you want to go to, a place where it’s exciting to worship and learn more about God!

If you have kids, Kid Village is so much fun that the littles can’t wait to come to church! If you have tweens or teenagers, our Pulse Student Group has fun too! The best part is they’re also learning about Jesus!

Find Out What We’re About

Here’s what one of our church family shared…

“I was raised in church and went because I was told I needed to be there. I repeated memorized prayers, but I didn’t really know how to pray. The words and actions became rote and meaningless to me, then I just stopped going.

I searched for years to find a church that was meaningful to me, a place that would make me think about my relationship with God. A place that would make me think outside of myself and think about others, and help me understand the Bible and how it applies to my life. I’ve found my home at The Village.” – Joanne

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Where To Start If You’re New

Start At #1 Or Choose Your Own Path

Step 1: Meet The Pastor

If you’re new, then your first step is to meet the Pastor. Have questions? You can get answers and we can get to know each other on your schedule. Stop by the Welcome Area or email charlie@thevillagechristianchurch.com at the Minooka Campus or sarah@thevillagechristianchurch.com at the Seneca Campus to get started.

Step 2: The Rooted Experience

Rooted is a 10 week experience to go deeper in your relationship with Jesus and will answer your questions in a safe, comfortable environment. Each week will equip you to love Jesus, love others, and help others find and follow Jesus no matter where you are on your walk with Christ.

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Step 3: Lifegroups, Serving & Personal Discipleship

Connect with friends, laugh, and serve together and grow deeper in your faith. This is a great place to experience community!

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