Are You Afraid To Pray Big Prayers?

Are You Afraid To Pray Big Prayers?

Pray Big, Pray Bold, Be confident in the Lord

What kind of prayers do you pray? Do you go all out and pray those big prayers with boldness? Or, do you pray within the limits of what you think you are capable of? If so, you are limiting the God who is limitless! Think Bigger What kind of kid were you? Were you a […]

5 Reasons To Invest In Your Marriage

Do you invest in your marriage? When you hear the word invest, most people think about money. Investing money for the future is a good idea, but what do you invest in your marriage? Where do you see your marriage going 20 years from now? Are you going to have a partner for life, or […]

One Day At A Time Together

One Day At A Time

I will remember Friday, March 13, 2020 for the rest of my life. The impact that day made will be felt for a long time to come. It has been a whole month. Schools are closed. Any businesses deemed non-essential are closed. We are supposed to work from home if possible and kids who would […]

Saying Yes To Jesus

Yes, Jesus

The Before My vision for myself 5 years ago is very far from where I actually am.  Five years ago, I was a full time mom working part time at the same job I had for the previous 10 years. I had absolutely no foundation in the church at all, but I had a longing. […]

Who Are You Thankful To?

Be Thankful

God has surely been very good to me. I have more blessings than I can count! One such blessing is I had the opportunity to volunteer in my son’s kindergarten class during the school year. I helped with the classroom parties, and I was able to chaperone the end of the year field trip. Another […]