Jesus Came To Redeem Humanity

Jesus Came To Redeem Humanity

On December 12th, Julianna Pena – a +850 underdog – managed to defeat Amanda Nunes for the bantamweight championship. Amanda was the No.1 fighter in ESPN’s women’s pound-for-pound ranking and a winner of 12 straight fights. She was considered one of the greatest MMA women fighters of all time. Many UFC analysts suggest this upset […]

How Do We Disagree And Still Get Along?

The big question during these times is, “how do we disagree and still get along?” Would you agree? Keep reading and gain some insight and learn some ways to foster good relationships without compromising what you believe. Today’s blog is a follow up to Nate Ferguson’s message at The Village Christian Church when he taught […]

When Someone Rejects God

Did you know there is a worldview that rejects God? For example, a person may believe that science dispels the idea that miracles exist because it goes against scientific principles. If this is true, then a person is going to reject miracles that occur in the Bible. If you deny miracles, then you deny that […]

Why You Are Hardwired For Connection

Because God Made Us That Way Do you struggle with loneliness or the inability to maintain relationships? Does that lead to feelings of depression or anxiety? Are you looking for the right connection? God created you to have a relationship with Him and others. He created you to be connected to Him, to receive the […]

How To Restore Broken Relationships

I want to talk to you about relationships. There are a dozen ways I can tackle this topic, but I want to focus on one specific feature of relationships for this blog. Let’s talk about trust. If you have experienced broken trust in a relationship before, it can be difficult to learn to trust again. […]

How Do You Find Your Identity In Christ?

How do you choose to identify yourself? Many people find identity in the job they have. Some people identify themselves by the status they have in their family. One thing all believers have in common, your identity is found in Jesus Christ. But how do you find your identity in Christ? I have spent a […]