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What's Happening at The Village

April 14, 2024
What would happen if we took the Words of Jesus, read them, and actually put them into practice?
April 15, 2024
Families will be able to get enough free groceries (bread, dairy, meats, veggies) for a week or two at this Mobile Food Pantry.
April 19, 2024
A prom experience to celebrate guests with special needs. Get ready to dance and have a blast!

Encouragement for You

Kid Village is a safe, fun-filled place for infants - grade 3 at The Village Christian Church

That’s Why I Choose Kids

Kids’ hearts are pure and genuine, and well, they just get it. They have an unwavering faith and curiosity. Kids often have a natural curiosity about the world around them, including spiritual

Worthy Jesus is worthy The Village Christian Church

Am I Worthy?

Have you ever been in a situation outside of your normal everyday routine and felt like you are not worthy, and worried that other people are going to figure that out? My

Celebrating all that God did. The Village Christian Church Annual Report 2023

Celebrating All That God Did

We are celebrating all that God did in and through The Village Christian Church in 2023. It was an incredible year of growth in so many ways, and we are praising God

Seasons The Village Christian Church Blog


Have you ever stopped to think about how different times in your life are similar to how the seasons change? What have you learned in the different seasons of your life? There

The last thing on my mind was being obedient as I shopped.

Obedient to the Opportunities

The last thing on my mind was being obedient. It had been a long day in the office, followed by a stop at the doctor’s office with a sick kid. It was