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say no to busy

Why You Should Say No To Busy

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with the busyness of life? Do you know why you should say no to busy? What does that even look

God’s Unending Love

We have a choice whether or not to follow Christ. He does not promise us a life without trouble, but He does promise us His

Grace, A Free Gift For You

Are you familiar with the word “Grace”? There are many meanings and definitions of the word, but only one has power. says grace is: 

How To Build Your Spiritual Endurance

What exactly is spiritual endurance? The ability to continue on, especially during difficult times. Even those who consider themselves resilient sometimes waiver. It can be

God Created Us To Be In Community

When surrounded by both good times and bad, we find ourselves desiring to feel support from those around us. That’s because God created us to

How To Get To Know God

Do you ever wonder, who is God? Do you know of God, but don’t know Him personally? Did you know He wants to know you,

How to plan time to pray

Prayer Tips

Do you ever feel like you’re just coasting in your spiritual life or not feeling connected to God? Do you struggle to be intentional with

Jesus Came To Redeem Humanity

On December 12th, Julianna Pena – a +850 underdog – managed to defeat Amanda Nunes for the bantamweight championship. Amanda was the No.1 fighter in

Sharing the hope of Jesus during a baptism at The Village Christian Church in Minooka, IL

Sharing The Hope Of Jesus

I have a friend I’ve known for over 20 years who asked me why I was always in a good mood. He said I always

You’re It: The Next Witness

Do you find it uncomfortable to talk about your faith? Are you uncertain of how to approach people or tell them about Jesus? Or maybe

Be Careful What You Wish For

“Be careful what you wish for” is a phrase we have all heard and felt before, I’m sure. Most of us consider this phrase following

What Does Heaven Look Like?

Do you ever wonder what heaven will look like? Many people do. Will it be peaceful? Will we see angels?  Lots of Fans When I

Share Your Story And Plant A Seed

Did you know there are people all around you that don’t know the truth about God, Jesus or the Bible? God put you right where

Top Ten Ways You Can Serve

Serve others – that is at the core of who we are as a church. In fact, it’s so important that it’s part of our

Is Spiritual Warfare Real?

Have you ever noticed that your challenges seem to grow the more you seek God? Have you ever wondered why things seem to get more

When Someone Rejects God

Did you know there is a worldview that rejects God? For example, a person may believe that science dispels the idea that miracles exist because

Judgments Based on Appearances

Have you ever looked at someone or something and made judgments based on appearance? It’s easy to do based on what we think something or