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Be A Warrior For God

Have you ever thought about being a warrior for God? Do you ever read your Bible and think about all the battles God fought and

What Is The Body Of Christ?

Have you heard the phrase “the body of Christ” and wondered what it meant? The Church consists of its members who are the living body

Why You Are Hardwired For Connection

Because God Made Us That Way Do you struggle with loneliness or the inability to maintain relationships? Does that lead to feelings of depression or

The Relationship Struggle Is Real

Have you ever wondered why relationships have to be so difficult? Are you struggling in a relationship now? The relationship struggle is real! You are

Am I Worthy Of The Call?

One thing that most everyone has in common is doubt. How many times have you thought to yourself, am I worthy of the call? Or

What Do You Do With Big Worries?

Worries – we all have them, the big question is what do we do with them? Do we stress out, become withdrawn, or maybe lash

What Is Epic Hope?

What does your soul long for? Do you even know how to put it into words? Epic Hope is a great depiction of what God

How To Handle The Stress

Sometimes stress can make you feel overwhelmed and you wonder, “How can I handle all this stress?” The answer is, you don’t have to. God

Stress Buster

Stress. Does just reading that word make your blood pressure go up a bit? Life is hard, you’re being pulled in different directions – work,

A Life Changing Invite

In The Beginning… “I hate going to church.” That is what I told myself for the majority of my life. I grew up on the

God Is Present And At Work

Today we are thanking God. In the midst of a pandemic and national unrest, a time unlike no other, He has done so much. God

Having Faith Is Key

If you have no faith in the future, you have no power in the present. Having faith is key to living a full life, the

A Simple Guide To Surviving Loneliness

Loneliness is a real feeling, especially in the times we’re in. The pandemic is resulting in isolation and feelings of loneliness that are difficult. We’re

When Life Is Hard Choose Joy

How do you deal with challenges? When life is hard, it is so tempting to just give into worry, discouragement, or fear. Did you know

Be Thankful In The Challenging Times

Do you ever wonder how to be thankful when you’re going through some challenges? These days of COVID-19 have made this year a big challenge.

What Is Discipleship?

Are You A Spectator? I am passionate about Discipleship, but there was a time I didn’t know what discipleship was, what it meant or what

A Great Story About Baptism

It’s All About The Opportunity In this blog I’ll talk about baptism and the opportunity for life change. Did you like playing in puddles of

Stuck In A Rut

Have you ever felt stuck in a rut? If you’ve had that feeling when your life has become boring, stale, and monotonous, you’re stuck in

Your choices have a ripple effect

Choices Create A Ripple Effect

The choices we make in this life have a ripple effect. Each drop creates an initial little wave in the lives of those closest to

Manual For Life, The Bible

The Myth I saw a quote that said “There is no manual for life. We all muddle on and hope for the best. So always