Past Messages

Red Letter Challenge

What would happen if we took the Words of Jesus, read them, and actually put them into practice?


In a world where people are 100% committed in certain areas of their lives, but 50% committed in other areas of their lives…how would you rate your overall commitment to Jesus? Are you a fan or a follower?

Good News

In a world full of bad news, everyone is desperate for some GOOD NEWS. And it turns out, God’s plan is full of it!

Rescue Sunday

We’re talking about child exploitation and trafficking. The world is more civilized and developed, and yet this problem that has been around since the dawn of time is more prevalent than ever before.

Ridiculous Faith

Faith is believing what God has promised. But what if our limited understanding of God has left us with limited belief. It's time we move to a place of Ridiculous Faith.


God has really done something marvelous in 2023 and we want to invite him to do even more in 2024!

Finding Christmas

Ready or not, Christmas is here again! But sometimes in the business we loose the meaning. This month we are getting back to the basics and Finding Christmas again!

One At A Time

Jesus had a limited time on earth, but always had time for the one.  Find out how we can have eyes for the one and to see people the way Jesus did. 

I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me

When we have questions, we can look to God for answers.  This series answers questions we have had for a long time, so we never again have to say "I wish someone would have told me."

Uncomplicated Love

Love can be a complicated thing. But what if love was designed to be more than a feeling. Join us as we see clearly how God designed Uncomplicated Love!


God has written a pretty incredible story!  Through this series we will look at God’s view of our favorite movies.

Rt. 66 – Unique Stops Along The Way

Everyone knows about the historic Rt 66. But we’ve got a new journey in mind. We will make some unique stops along the way as we navigate the real historic 66 books of the Bible!

Drift Happens

It never fails that we get to a season of life and ask ourselves “How did I get here?” The answer is simple; because DRIFT HAPPENS! But our relationship with God doesn’t have to stay this way! It’s time to drop anchor.

Stay In Your Lane

Have you ever wanted to know God's plan? It's not the mystery you might think it is! Find out how God's way might be the best way all along.

Losing My Religion

Religion implies we're doing something out of religious practice instead of doing it because the heart wants to respond to God in the right way. Lose the religious practice and find real relationship with God.

Star Of Wonder

Learn how the Bible stories from the Old Testament were all pointing to the arrival of our favorite season, the birth of Jesus!

Bar Stool Conversations

Some of life’s most difficult conversations end up happening around our kitchen islands. This series teaches on the book of Ephesians to answer questions that come up in those conversations.

What’s On Your Mind?

Let’s face it…life is hard. Jesus told us it would be. This series teaches us how to stop “faking fine” and instead to open up. We encourage you to invite God to meet you in the middle of what’s on your mind.