A Cheering Section Just For You

A Cheering Section Just For You

Life change is happening at The Village Christian Church in MInooka, Il. Students were cheering for and celebrating the life changing decision of their friend to be baptized.

Have you ever had someone cheer for you? Have you ever wanted someone to cheer for you, but it just didn’t happen? Here at The Village we feel it’s very important to encourage and love everyone. When it comes to baptism especially, everyone should have a cheering section. Every Thursday The Village has a church […]

God Doesn’t Just Work On Sunday

Saying yes to God through baptism

It was a Monday afternoon and I got a text message and the picture above from one of our Lifegroup leaders. This is what the text message said, “Just wanted you to know Barb is being baptized by our Lifegroup and her granddaughter today.” My first thought was, “Wow! So amazing!!!” Then I got to […]