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Is God Right For Me?

Is God Right For Me?

Is God Right For Me The Village Christian Church

I, like many Christians before me, have gone through a lot of spiritual change and transformation and have asked myself, “Is God Right For Me?” As I’ve taken time to reflect lately, I thought that I’d share my story. I grew up at The Village, with incredible and loving parents, who are still to this […]

What Do Waiting Rooms And The Church Have In Common?

Waiting Room Church Suffer Celebrate The Village Christian Church

What do waiting rooms and the church have in common? Last week, I was in a hospital surgical waiting room for 10 hours. What an interesting place to observe. I listened to the man checking in the families give the same speech dozens of times. Here’s your free voucher for a small drink and directions […]

Do You Feel Empty?

Feeling Empty Void Unsatisfied Jesus Peace Joy Purpose

Are you missing a lasting satisfaction in life? Do the things that you are looking forward to having or achieving fade and leave you feeling empty again? I think I’m so passionate about Christ because I lived my life without Him for so long. Great on the outside. Inside – empty. Loving my kids and […]

Take Time To Celebrate

Take time to celebrate and find the joy in life.

This is the day the Lord has made, let us REJOICE and be glad in it.  Psalm 118:24 Do you struggle to have JOY in your life? I do. Many would describe me as over serious all the time. I like projects, tasks, mission and organizing people to accomplish things. This involves details and planning […]