How To Identify And Overcome Pride

How To Identify And Overcome Pride

overcoming the blind spot of pride

Let’s talk about blind spots, but not the ones on the road. Today we’re talking about the blind spot of pride. Pride is easy to see in other people, and we can all think of an example of an arrogant or prideful person who crossed our path in the past. You may have heard someone […]

Why You Should Say No To Busy

say no to busy

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with the busyness of life? Do you know why you should say no to busy? What does that even look like? Memories Of Being Carefree It’s summer, and I love everything that comes with it. I love the smell of hamburgers cooking on the grill, the tingle of sun-kissed skin […]

Grace, A Free Gift For You

Are you familiar with the word “Grace”? There are many meanings and definitions of the word, but only one has power. says grace is:  “The freely given, unmerited favor and love of God.” Freely given, you can’t pay for it or earn it. Unmerited, none of us deserve it. Grace is, by definition a […]

What Is Epic Hope?

What does your soul long for? Do you even know how to put it into words? Epic Hope is a great depiction of what God can do in your life. Epic is described as something heroic or grand. Hope is the confident expectation of what God has promised.  What Epic Hope Means For Us On […]

Be Thankful In The Challenging Times

Do you ever wonder how to be thankful when you’re going through some challenges? These days of COVID-19 have made this year a big challenge. So many people are dealing with hard times and there is uncertainty on what this virus will do next. This blog will share ideas about being thankful. Count Your Blessings […]

Manual For Life, The Bible

The Myth I saw a quote that said “There is no manual for life. We all muddle on and hope for the best. So always follow your heart. It is your best guide.” I won’t cite the person who stated this, but when I read it I thought what terrible, untrue advice. However, I do […]

Sabbath – Do We Need To Remember It?

Remember the Sabbath and rest, renew, restoration

The Commandment Do we still need to remember the Sabbath? The answer is yes! Honoring the Sabbath was a law given to the Israelites by God himself. The Bible tells us this,  “remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days you shall labor, and do all your work, but the seventh day is […]

FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real


I was going through some of my old journals and found this acronym, FEAR, that I had gleaned from a bible study. It seems now is a great time to revisit this thought. I feel this accurately defines where much of our fear is coming from in a time such as this. Our society is […]

Action Required, Fuel Level Low

Action required low fuel light

I posted a funny meme to my social media with the intent to tease my husband. It said something clever about “….my wife when I borrow her car and she knows it is out of fuel.” This is a recurring discussion at our house because I am notorious for having low fuel in my car. […]

Pray With Purpose

Pray with purpose

I don’t know about you, but when I pray, I pray with an expectation that something will happen. That can vary depending on the situation, but usually I’m hoping for something; an answer, wisdom, healing, opportunity, grace, mercy, favor, forgiveness……Lately, the thing I’m wanting most from prayer is the peace, love, and serenity that comes […]

Recovering Perfectionist Under Construction

recovering perfectionist under construction

Hi, I’m Erica, and I am a recovering perfectionist! Can you relate? Since my earliest memories, I have been drawn to perfection. As a kid, I despised the idea of a toy box! All of those random toys just tossed in one big box in such a haphazard way! What a terrible idea! When my […]

Trust Your Gut

When you get a no, trust that God has a good plan for you and He is protecting you in every situation.

I should have trusted my gut and went with it. It was Friday afternoon in late October. I was in the middle of a difficult recovery from my second knee surgery. I could not drive, so my father-in-law was my chauffeur. We just got home from a long day of physical therapy and doctors appointments […]