It’s Time To Get Rooted In Your Faith

It’s Time To Get Rooted In Your Faith

 “This is the first time I’ve been honest with another person about my struggles.” “Before I felt like there were a lot of toxins in my life. I am feeling loved by the Lord and am happier after working through Rooted.” “I used to want to control everything in my life. Rooted has helped me […]

What Is Discipleship?

Are You A Spectator? I am passionate about Discipleship, but there was a time I didn’t know what discipleship was, what it meant or what it had to do with me. Unfortunately, I spent a lot of my life as a fan in the stands of Christianity. I thought Christianity was a spectator sport. I […]

Choices Create A Ripple Effect

Your choices have a ripple effect

The choices we make in this life have a ripple effect. Each drop creates an initial little wave in the lives of those closest to us. If you choose to go on a diet, how does it affect your family? Are their eating habits changed because you are preparing the food? Is all the junk […]

How To Study The Bible

Why Do I Need To Study the Bible? I find that it is important to have a goal for new endeavors. I find it helpful to understand the “why”. The goal for studying the Bible is to develop a close relationship with Jesus. To learn about God, His character, His will for our lives and […]

Big Plans For A Little Town Called Seneca


History When I was 8 years old, my family moved to a tiny little town called Seneca in Illinois. My family moved a lot. I thought this would be the same as any other move. When we got to the town, I started school, unpacked, and made friends quickly. We ran around after school riding […]

Time Well Spent

Time for Change

Half Empty Or Half Full COVID-19 has certainly changed our lives. We have been on a Shelter-in-Place order for 3 weeks. How are you doing with that?  I have talked to people who are thoroughly enjoying the slower pace, time with their families, and others who are ready to tear their hair out. I’ve spoken […]

Why Hearing From God Can Be Hard

Hearing from God

I was recently asked the question “What does God want from me?” I responded with, “Have you asked Him?” To say it as clearly as possible, God desires to speak to us. He wants us to hear Him clearly. He doesn’t want to confuse us. Why Hearing From God Can Be Hard Why do we […]

Think About This On Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is a time to refocus

We are coming up on Valentine’s Day. My husband, Bob, and I are not a big Valentine’s Day couple, but I “love” the focus on love. Anytime is a perfect time to show love and appreciation for your significant other. Bob and I have been married for 20 years. He immediately drew my attention that […]

Rightnow Media Equips You

Rightnow Media is a digital library for you

When I was a little girl, I loved the library. It was one of my favorite places to go. I loved the wealth of information available at my fingertips, the smell of the books, the anticipation of learning something new or discovering a new author. At one point, we lived in a tiny town that […]

Be A Disciple – Take The Next Step

Learning to be a disciple at The Village Christian Church

What is a Disciple? I would define a disciple as someone following Jesus, who helps others to find and follow Jesus. Finding Jesus can be a process and learning to follow Him is part of that, but teaching someone to find and follow Him may seem like another ballgame altogether! We don’t just automatically know […]

Ain’t No People Like My People

Lifegroups are a place to find my people, where real connection and growth takes place. Get connected in a group at The Village Christian Church.

I have a t-shirt that says “Ain’t no people like my people.” SO TRUE! My people, my friends, my sounding boards, at times my guardrail. They love and support me well. They know I have a hard time asking for help so instead, they offer it and sometimes, they just tell me they are helping […]

Accept The Opportunity

Accept the opportunity to give generously.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be generous in many ways. Generosity of Spirit, generosity with finances, generosity of time. All of them have something in common, the way they make people feel. The receiver feels seen, valued, appreciated, cared for and loved. There is a tangible nature to the love they have been […]

What Is REAL Life-Change Worth?

Find your purpose and answers to questions about God, Jesus, and the Bible at Rooted.

What is REAL life-change worth?  It is a powerful question. Is there a set time limit or dollar amount you are comfortable investing to experience it?  Will it require change? Change can be difficult, but sometimes necessary. The Gift of Time In general, we all have a daily schedule that we stick to and are […]

A Divine Appointment Part 2

A Divine Appointment. Blog By Sarah O'Sullivan, Connections Pastor at The Village Christian Church in Minooka, Illinois

I listened intently as she spoke about her past. So much pain, layer upon layer of it. I kept thinking about how incredible God is and how he sees each one of us, exactly where we are at any given moment. With this thought in mind I dialed into the conversation, “Lord, what do you […]

A Divine Appointment Part 1

A Divine Appointment. Blog By Sarah O'Sullivan, Connections Pastor at The Village Christian Church in Minooka, Illinois

I had an appointment that morning. I don’t like to be late, so I was being very careful to finish up what I was working on so I could leave on time.  However, I needed to take some time to pray so I went to the prayer room for some privacy.  I lifted up many […]

Serve Others

Last year at Thanksgiving, I found myself in a new town.  My husband was working and my children went back to our hometown to spend Thanksgiving with extended family. I was lying in bed that morning, feeling especially sorry for myself, thinking that I might as well not cook at all. Then I had a […]