How Do You Share Your Faith In Jesus?

How Do You Share Your Faith In Jesus?

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Do you feel a responsibility to share your faith in Jesus with those that are close to you? How can you encourage others to have faith in Jesus too? Who’s First? We had to leave the house for family pictures at 10:45 a.m. on Saturday. I have a beautiful wife and two gorgeous daughters. Between […]

How Do You Follow What God Says To Do?

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  The ways of the world are certainly different from the ways God says we are to live, aren’t they? I constantly see this pattern displayed in the media, TV shows, commercials, everywhere. It seems like society almost prides itself in complaining about their children, their spouse, their work. If we can’t commiserate together about […]

Mind Your Own Business

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Mind your own business! Anyone ever tell you this? Or maybe it’s something you have said out loud, or thought in your head? Any way you slice it, it doesn’t come off very gracious. But sometimes when we get sidetracked from “what we are doing” because someone else has stepped in our way or questions […]

God’s Unending Love

We have a choice whether or not to follow Christ. He does not promise us a life without trouble, but He does promise us His unending love. My Reflection The other day I was scrolling social media. You can imagine my feed because it’s probably not all that different from yours. There’s some good, some […]

Grace, A Free Gift For You

Are you familiar with the word “Grace”? There are many meanings and definitions of the word, but only one has power. says grace is:  “The freely given, unmerited favor and love of God.” Freely given, you can’t pay for it or earn it. Unmerited, none of us deserve it. Grace is, by definition a […]

How To Build Your Spiritual Endurance

What exactly is spiritual endurance? The ability to continue on, especially during difficult times. Even those who consider themselves resilient sometimes waiver. It can be hard to overcome seasons of discouragement without feeling some sort of shift or discomfort. In these times, we may feel spiritually drained or out of sync with God. But He […]

Who’s Going To Win In Your Life?

It’s all about the win. When I was in Jr. High and High School and my family would go visit my grandparents and we’d always spend time watching sports on TV. My grandpa would always walk in the room and ask the question, “Who’s winning?” It didn’t matter who was playing, only who was winning. […]

God Created Us To Be In Community

When surrounded by both good times and bad, we find ourselves desiring to feel support from those around us. That’s because God created us to be in community with one another and it’s during times like these that we remember why. As I considered writing my next blog post, I knew that I wanted to […]

How To Get To Know God

Do you ever wonder, who is God? Do you know of God, but don’t know Him personally? Did you know He wants to know you, and He wants to have a personal relationship with you no matter what you have done in the past? This blog will guide you with simple and practical steps on […]

Digging Ditches To Catch God’s Rain

The Greater Than Message for 2022 is about learning to ask God for help. But, we have to realize, God may require us to dig a ditch to prepare for what He is going to do. Have You Been Here Before? A little boy was playing in his sandbox. He had his box of cars […]

Jesus Came To Redeem Humanity

On December 12th, Julianna Pena – a +850 underdog – managed to defeat Amanda Nunes for the bantamweight championship. Amanda was the No.1 fighter in ESPN’s women’s pound-for-pound ranking and a winner of 12 straight fights. She was considered one of the greatest MMA women fighters of all time. Many UFC analysts suggest this upset […]

You’re It: The Next Witness

Do you find it uncomfortable to talk about your faith? Are you uncertain of how to approach people or tell them about Jesus? Or maybe you have the opposite problem and you’re able to share but it doesn’t always go well. It’s something many of us struggle with, but fortunately, God has a plan. “Always […]

How Do We Disagree And Still Get Along?

The big question during these times is, “how do we disagree and still get along?” Would you agree? Keep reading and gain some insight and learn some ways to foster good relationships without compromising what you believe. Today’s blog is a follow up to Nate Ferguson’s message at The Village Christian Church when he taught […]

How To Incorporate Jesus In Your Life

Have you ever wondered how to incorporate Jesus into your daily life? Have you ever wanted an instruction manual for how to be a Jesus follower? You love Jesus, but maybe you just don’t know where to start or how to grow closer to Him. Those are common questions that I come across. We are […]

Be Careful What You Wish For

“Be careful what you wish for” is a phrase we have all heard and felt before, I’m sure. Most of us consider this phrase following something difficult. But have you ever experienced it in a good way? I have and maybe you will find that you have too. The past few weeks, I’ve been thinking […]

What Does Heaven Look Like?

Do you ever wonder what heaven will look like? Many people do. Will it be peaceful? Will we see angels?  Lots of Fans When I travel, one of my favorite things is to go and visit sports stadiums. The second week of October I was in the Knoxville area and had an hour to kill […]

Share Your Story And Plant A Seed

Did you know there are people all around you that don’t know the truth about God, Jesus or the Bible? God put you right where you are so you can share your story with them and plant a seed for Him to water. Your story, who you were before God intervened and the way He […]

What Is The Bare Minimum I Need To Do?

When I started dating my wife, Rachelle, in college and wanted to get serious, I was willing to do whatever it took to show her how much I loved her. Can you imagine if rather than trying super hard, I instead asked her….Rachelle, what’s the bare minimum I need to do in this relationship for […]

Is Spiritual Warfare Real?

Have you ever noticed that your challenges seem to grow the more you seek God? Have you ever wondered why things seem to get more difficult in your life even when you’re intentional about your time with God? Or perhaps you are new to having a relationship with God or working to renew it, but find […]

When Someone Rejects God

Did you know there is a worldview that rejects God? For example, a person may believe that science dispels the idea that miracles exist because it goes against scientific principles. If this is true, then a person is going to reject miracles that occur in the Bible. If you deny miracles, then you deny that […]

Judgments Based on Appearances

Have you ever looked at someone or something and made judgments based on appearance? It’s easy to do based on what we think something or someone should look like. Society, our friends, and our experiences may shape those judgments.  You know, when I was a kid, I made judgments about bikers. I thought bikers were […]

Be A Warrior For God

Have you ever thought about being a warrior for God? Do you ever read your Bible and think about all the battles God fought and how He used people to do so? God’s strength and power won these battles. Today I want to share an example of that with you.  Over the years, my husband […]

What Is The Body Of Christ?

Have you heard the phrase “the body of Christ” and wondered what it meant? The Church consists of its members who are the living body of Christ. In many ways, God’s work is accomplished through this body of Christ. We are the hands and feet of Jesus. God designed each person in the church to […]

Why We Want To See You At Church

Have you been away from the church for a while? Are you resting in the idea that you don’t need to go to church to be a Christian? Or perhaps you have never been involved with a positive church before- or a church period. If these or similar ideas describe how you’ve been feeling lately, […]